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30 ltd signed edition prints will be randomly inserted into 30 of the sleeves.

MOINE DUBH: Gaelic,pronounced 'moyn doo'.
MOINE DUBH: Heavier and darker peats which lie deeper and older into the ground.
MOINE DUBH: A subscription based vinyl record label curated by Andrew Weatherall.

Somewhere within an area bounded by Zola's residence in exile, Pissarro's paint pots, Marconi's mistakenly Martian message receiver and the site of a Spurgeon sermon lies a tract of boggy ground of which not even ardent foragers are aware.It was whilst digging for peat on this land that my spade struck the metal box.
A box buried in the rich dark layer.
A box buried in the moine dubh.
On retrieving and opening what looked like an ammo tin I found it to be full of quarter inch magnetic tape.
Tapes full of invocation,evocation and magick.
Tapes full of music now committed to vinyl.
Spells etched into totemic objects available from Moine Dubh Records.

Andrew Weatherall. April 2015.

Limited to 500 subscriptions only.

The first of these recordings will be made available in the form of 5 seven inch singles by way of subscription at a cost of £50 UK / £65 Europe / £70 rest of the world.

Cat number: MD002 (one sided)
Title: Great Father Spirit in The Sky / Hand etched by Barry
Artist: Barry Woolnough

Cat number: MD003
Title: Freeze Me / She's My Witch
Artist: Fireflies

Cat number: MD004
Title: Black Swan / Denial
Artist: Lowroad

Cat number: MD005
Title: Hard Road
Artist: Dani Cali
Cat number: MD005
Title: Talking Judgement Day Blues
Artist: Alain Maclean

Cat number: MD006
Title: Dominion of The Sword / Shipwreckers Revenge
Artist: Echowood

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